Covid19 Recovery Bill (Scotland) aka #ClinicalSubmissionBill

Submitted by raskul on Sat, 02/19/2022 - 13:05

It is clear that as a society in Scotland, we are at a very dangerous junction in history.

Ensuring that we keep our civil liberties is now becoming a job of work, where covert legislature is being underhandedly drafted with minimal public consultation, in a somewhat nationalistic majority, devolved Scottish assembly. One point to note here is that ScotGov in 2019 hand-picked a select group of 100 Scottish people to act as a charter for ongoing public consultation. This charter are given first perusal on any memorandum to legislature, prior to it becoming a bill, in law.

Is it the case that prior even to these memorandum being published on the Scottish Government website, the 100 charter receive encouragement to support it?

I would normally compose my commentary with an initial 'regardless of who you vote for' disclaimer but it is now my firm belief that the consultation charter of 100 were selectively chosen to give pre-approval on any memorandum offered to them and although I am going to be exceptionally presumptuous here; are all members of the SNP - Scottish National Party. A party who in 2015 voted on and passed a party rule:

"No member shall, within or out-with the parliament, publicly criticise a group decision, policy, or another member of the group."

This rule change was agreed unanimously by the SNP conference in April 2015.

So what's current?

The devolved assembly in Scotland is pushing legislature to give themselves (and future incarnations of devolved assembly)  the right to remove Scots from their homes and administer medical 'treatments' against their will as a legislation written in law. This extends from the impermanent covid emergency legislation as the Scottish Government look to make those permanent, with appended further rules and constraints.

What could possibly go wrong?

This memorandum precedes a bill to strip everyone in Scotland of the right to choose when/where we receive medical treatment. A legislation to force anyone to submit to medical procedure at the discretion of the devolved assembly and it's legal processes.

The memorandum can be read in this PDF and I urge everyone to read it in full, to gather the fuller context of it:

Erstwhile, it was recognised that some of the 'emergency' powers which were afforded ScotGov may have (or may not have been) necessary for a period of time. It is now recognised to have been an archaic methodology and did not actually work in any means, to overcome the coronavirus pandemic as we were told it would. Yet here we are, legislature which had no effect on the pandemic drafted by the party in power, pushing this legislature through to be permanent, in law.

In this very important legislation, those who govern alongside The First Minister of Scotland anticipate the need to, amongst other things, remove a person from our homes and incarcerate us at places of the legal process choosing, to be subject to medical procedure against our will.

Further public consultation is part of the legal process also, and everyone should make their feelings known by completing the following survey, regarding it (ends 25th Feb):

It's a dangerous path for any government to take and this legislature is exceptionally over-reaching of the responsibilities of an office which is tasked with serving the public.