Clyde FC, Councils, Conundrums & Comparisons

Submitted by raskul on Fri, 03/04/2022 - 08:52

Leading on from my last blog post,, it has been announced that Celtic FC have organised a jolly down-under.

A friendly competition billed as the 'homecoming tour' for their Australian manager, who has won a league cup in Scotland.
A friendly tournament in which four teams will meet together in Sydney, Australia in November 2022 to play against one another and it is being billed as the 'Sydney Super Cup 2022' - presumably because the intent is to have it as an annual event.

This has been sanctioned by a local government in Australia and is funded to the tune of something near AUD$ 10 million if rumours are to be believed. Announced on the very day which my previous post was written, allowing complicit media outlets like Planet Radio the opportunity to oppress the pertinent news therewith and focus the media narrative on this 'Old Firm Friendly'.

The football team I have supported since I was a boy, have announced it will participate. The furore surrounding this has been unanimous amongst Rangers support, lest of a few social media would-be football managers who think that the money involved is in any way justifiable for Rangers to travel with Celtic, 10520 miles to bolster Celtic's finances in anticipation of the forthcoming class-action legal case. A legal case which splays Celtic Football Club PLC spatchcock, as a paedophile ring during a 50-year period in their history. A Celtic whose own board apologised to their fans for offering a very respectful statement after the passing of Dundee United, Rangers and Scotland legend, Walter Smith OBE. A Celtic who declare themselves to be 'not half of anything' and who can't even bring themselves to say Rangers FC name in official publications.

A Celtic who's fans hung effigies from the noose in their stadium, of Rangers fans.

A Celtic who were orchestral in the attempt to completely destroy the institution that is Rangers Football Club, in 2012.

Much has been said and many words have been written in regard to this 'homecoming tour' and as someone who has kept a season ticket with Rangers for all my life, lest my time in HM Forces and my time abroad, I find it inconceivable that the board at Rangers entertained the thought of this, never-mind debated, whether or not to participate. Rangers play Celtic when legally required to, in professional competitions only, in pursuit of prize monies from independent competitions, trophies, medals and recognisable historical accolades. Nothing more, nothing less.

To have such lack of insight as to how the survivors of the paedophile ring which operated at Celtic, must feel, is abhorrent to the point that this incarnation of the Rangers board have decisions to make, they must; withdraw from this abomination of a tour, offer a statement of apology to fans who spend money hand over fist, or simply resign from their seats. Every Rangers fan and every shareholder, of which I am both, must now demand rigorous consultations to take place, on any effective event out-with obligated requirements, with Celtic FC because it is clear that the Rangers board, in pursuit of profit, have sold out the integrity of 150 years which fans have built this club.

Moving on, because there is a pertinent link to this story, with some events in public interest right now. So let us compare the optics between these two, very similar events...

David Goodwillie, who was taken to court in much a similar action against him as Celtic FC face forthcoming with this class-action civil case, has been a name forefront in the news recently. We have seen uproar in political corridors, cancellations of sporting stadia leases in council wards and statements made by the First Minister of Scotland, pertaining to the cancellation of David Goodwillie - Goodwillie, who was taken to civil court and ordered him to pay a compensation fee, even though he has never found guilty in a criminal trial.

Clyde FC have seen pressure put upon them to cancel David Goodwillie due to the fact that he was sued in a civil court, for sex offences:

Scottish Government have demanded Clyde FC cut short the contract which they have with David Goodwillie due to the fact that he was sued in a civil court, for sex offences.

North Lanarkshire Council have publicly released a statement that Clyde FC will no longer be entitled to lease Broadwood Stadium to play their home matches, due to the fact that David Goodwillie was sued in a civil court, for sex offences.

The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon has offered television interviews to publicly shame David Goodwillie due to the fact that he was sued in a civil court, for sex offences.

All of the above, if I may play devils advocate, you would say, is probably fair enough to some point of conclusion. Those are the facts.
I'm not going to opine on it with personal viewpoints as my viewpoint is irrelevant here. But let's compare and contrast with the former point to note, a 50 year-long paedophile ring at Celtic FC.

Jim McCafferty, a former youth coach, working for Celtic FC, was jailed for six years and nine months after admitting he had molested boys over the course of 24 years. His is the third sentence to be handed down in connection with abuse of children at Celtic Boys Club. Jim Torbett and Frank Cairney were also imprisoned for sexual assault. Gerard Kind, former chairman of the boys’ club, a Celtic FC employee, was convicted of abusing four boys and a girl while he was a primary school teacher. The links are irrefutable.

Just four of the criminal cases, I could quote from this heinous time in Celtic FC history. Point to note; criminal cases, not civil cases, criminal cases, each of whom were found guilty. So contrast...

Celtic FC have seen NO pressure put upon them from any of the voices which Clyde FC have had directed at them, for those criminally convicted sex offences whilst children were under their protection and care:

Scottish Government have NOT demanded Celtic FC initiate dialogue with their victims and survivors after the fact that they had ex employees jailed, for sex offences.

Glasgow City Council have NOT demanded Celtic FC move their home matches out of the region, due to the fact that that they had ex employees jailed, for sex offences.

The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon has remained completely silent on the decades-long paedophile ring which eventually instigated ex employees of Celtic FC jailed, for sex offences.

In attempt to initiate dialogue with Scottish Government ministers, families of victims and survivors have been blocked on social media, by those government ministers, who include, Nicola Sturgeon.

I'm going to end this piece by offering my heartfelt sympathies and will to keep fighting, to those brave boys and girls who are now grown adults in the twilight of their years, who suffered at the hands of the disgusting acts of those who were charged with their protection. If it is any solace to know that there are still decent people in the world who have their well being at heart, I will no longer be supporting a team who act complicit in the abuse-by-proxy which funds an historical paedophile ring and I will not be passing over any more money to the club which I have supported all my life, unless they withdraw from that Australian tour and ensure the public that those cases within the protection of Rangers FC have also been addressed, as was most recent news I had from source.

3 cases should have been settled to justice by this time Rangers?
Here is the statement for you:
Rangers FC have paid compensation to all known cases of child abuse surrounding Rangers Fc employees historically, It is with our heartfelt sympathies to those who have asked to remain anonymous that we work with the families should they so wish.
So we will also be cancelling the Australian tour. We are not half of anything. We are Rangers.