The #SNPWeansList

Submitted by raskul on Mon, 02/21/2022 - 09:39

The underage sex survey which was created by the Scottish government to collate the #SNPWeansList will have far reaching effects on children's lives as they are encouraged to keep secrets from their parents, led by the devolved assembly's control of the education system in Scotland.

An education system which insists OECD reports be hidden from public scrutiny and obfuscated from public view... until another election goes by. The same tactic this forthcoming council elections see, as the previous Scottish General Election. Diversion, redaction, concealment... We are not entitled to know, just in case we decide the current iteration of ScotGov may look inept, or unable to do their job to a satisfactory standard and we might use this information to make informed decisions in how we vote.

With the creation of a coalition of SNP/Greens at Holyrood has come many unacceptable narratives, and the topic of underage sex is merely one in a long line of deviant consultations perpetuated by those politicians who would be charged to serve us, the people of Scotland.

Let's first look at the state-sponsored 'Census' survey which ScotGov tried to have enforced in every school, that children from primary 5 to secondary 6 would be required to fill in. It is appropriate to acknowledge that those targeted children in Scotland range from the age of 8 to the age of ^17 and the peculiar sex-based questions are only relevant for children aged 13 and above. Where the age of consensual sex is 16.

On 6th December 2021 ScotGov were the subject of a Freedom of Information request and where it took them until the 16th February 2022 to respond, the full content of that FOI can be read here:

To be aware, the survey begins by stating that the it will not ask the child's name. However, one of the first questions asks the child to disclose exactly who they are, by way of entering their  9-digit Scottish Candidate Number. So the responses given are very specific to the identity of the child and upon perusal, the initial sections of the survey remark a little like the compiler has tried a little too hard to say it is an anonymous survey, without actually reassuring the responsive children that it is an anonymous survey. Simply because it is not, it is an identity specific survey which bases outcomes on specific responses to the specific personal lives of children.


As mentioned, the survey then iterates that data collected is kept separately from information which could identify the child (such as their name) - whilst the child at this point has already fully disclosed who they are by entering the above information - their 9-digit Scottish Candidate number.


Note the wording of this survey; "The Census".

So even before a question is answered, the survey can identify the child, who they are, which school they attend, where they live and with whom. It is a specific survey which intends to collate information, not relevant to the child's education. The survey remarks that individual action may be taken, albeit 'highly unlikely'.

"If the local authority sees anything in your answers that they are concerned about".

...They may act as a state parent in response to 'The Census'?


So here we are.
"The survey won't identify you, unless it identifies you." glad we have cleared that up.

The survey wants to pinpoint children and their responses so that the local authority can act to make services better, and in some cases may encroach into the family lives of specific individuals - more apt wording, concise and clear.


The above question would be put to a 13 year old, in a classroom setting, observed and encouraged by their teacher to enable a local authority to act to make services better.

Why on earth would the local authority need to know this? At the age of 13? What 'services' does a local authority need to improve which caters for children who have anal sex?

Recent information has come to light which answers that question. ScotGov have embarked on consultations and want to reduce the age of sexual consent in Scotland. If they can get enough responses in this survey which solidify the argument for it, then it will be lobbied to become law. A law which would allow a child to become embroiled in a sexual relationship.

Not only content over-reaching and coddling our children in this nanny state, it has been revealed that the recommendation to teachers is to encourage children not to discuss such matters with their parents, but to utilise these impersonal online forms to convey their feelings. It is a dangerous day which instigates our kids not to be open and honest with their parents and it is an even more dangerous legislation which allows children to take part in sexual relationships.

But... WHY? 
I seriously cannot fathom the answer to this, the ultimate question.


To my mind this is so far from the correct path to take, and it verges on state sponsored paedophilia.

Where our children should be encouraged to be more open and honest at home, ScotGov are trampling over our family values and encouraging secrecy and pseudo-anonymous surveys to keep important life events away from the parenting circle.