Surveillance / Control

Submitted by raskul on Tue, 02/22/2022 - 09:03

This epitomises why people are unhappy at "The Scottishy Approach" to covid and why the narrative is, as clear as the nose on your face, absolutely nothing to do with eradicating covid and everything to do with... well, let's allow the First Minister to tell us... In a single propaganda message, i'll break it down;


Don't be fooled, Devi Sridhar had told us in summer 2020 that Scotland had almost eradicated covid... whilst eventually going on to blame the English in a surreal anglophobic newspaper advertorial, for the continuity of the illness. An illness which clearly will never be under full control. There has been much propaganda and massive amounts of money spent on pushing Scotland into receiving the covid-mitigating injections by pfizer, moderna et al, and just as much spent on encouraging everyone to take a regular covid test. An unsustainable amount of money, ploughed into what has merely concluded in a campaign of restriction. The only control in this game, has been the government's control, of people.

So Devi remarks Scientists? Which scientists specifically?
There was specifically zero science offered to us, as to why Christmas 2021 was cancelled.
Data from previous lockdown events showed that lockdowns didn't curb the spread of covid.
That Science?

Within the United Kingdom, England now see an end to covid restrictions in a drive to get on with life, unshackle from the political control of their liberties and will adopt a common sense approach in the ongoing pandemic. Whilst here in Scotland, one can only presume that Nicola Sturgeon, as First Minister can feel the control slipping and must act to save her megalomaniacal hierarchy. Not a word about enabling the Scottish population with respect in our own integrity here, we see the real reason The First Minister demands further funding to perpetuate 'free' covid tests in Scotland. Covid tests which were costing ^£2bn per month to provide. Covid tests which have been the root cause of the denigration of the economy and the main instigator in state control of our civil liberties.

"It's catastrophic"

Harks to the "Beware a Tsunami of Omicron" statement she offered us in that complete shutdown of Christmas and New Year. A tsunami which didn't happen. Won't happen, because the science from the originating region of the world of omicron (South Africa), specifically showed the strain to be slower, slighter and less virulent than the previous. Such as these illnesses wont. Influenza was once a life-threatening illness to everyone who caught it. Now, common sense insists that if you catch a flu, you stay at home with bed rest, don't go out to spread it and return to normal life when you are well again.

This is where we are.
By all means protect the vulnerable.
Wear a face-mask if you feel it benefits you and the others around you, and stay at home if you feel ill with any virus.

"Covid surveillance"

In a world where legislature has already passed to render someone a criminal for hate speech across the dinner table, do we really need to give these people perpetual surveillance on further issues? They failed to protect the vulnerable in the first instance, flippantly sent hospitalised elderly covid carriers back to care homes without those tests they now demand as so important. We simply cannot take The First Minister seriously here.

"Outbreak management"

Utterly failed as a government to carry this out, up until now and all the signs show that they would fail, again even with the perpetual surveillance network they are asking for. A surveillance network which has done absolutely nothing but close down services and social life. What exactly would be the end-goal this time? More restrictions? More businesses doors closed?
As far as I can see, they have been utterly inept in their 'outbreak management' from the start of this, to the end.

"Inexcusable negligence." Nicola, lacks self awareness.